AFTER 4 long years of having trained by overseas chef, Bouncy is going to be an ACADEMY!

The Practical Academy based on MALAYSIA SKM syllabus and SWISS academy : Certificate in Tourism & Hospitality

For Students that is interested, here is some good news : THERE IS SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE!

We also provide Student with part time allowance!

Find out more about our Academy: here!



In Bouncy, we have an unique manpower solutions to ensure employment will be a breeze. We ensure that employment position is filled all year long.  Employer now can focus on the business instead of hiring side. Click here to learn more about our Manpower Solutions


Our Product

WE do provides our own supply of products for Cafes and Restaurants.  One of our operation is operating as a central kitchen to provide basic necessity to various food and beverage outlet. Click here to find out MORE!



Looking for place to host event? With Bouncy Affiliate around the globe, We can help you to host your event nearby your area! We do event such as seminars, Business Presentation, Awards, Birthday, Farewell and many more events! Click here to find out MORE!

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